Completion Management

Design and Engineering Support

There is never a client’s need that is too large or too small. We have the ability to meet your needs whether you require advice or full time support on your program. Geographic locations are never an issue as we have worked worldwide for our clients. We understand your need to meet a budget and we are very competitive in the cost for our services.


We are individuals with experience and skills in a majority of the disciplines required for the modification of an aircraft.

We offer a variety of design and engineering support. There are many challenges during the design development of a VIP interior and we can assist our clients by finding solutions. With the ability in using engineering software programs, we provide solutions to assist the completion center engineering and their designers in developing the data required to resolve each issue. We prefer to be engaged with the completion center proactively, with a team approach, rather than being a reactive observer.


 Interior configurations vary from a combination airline/VIP to a full VIP “high end” interior. The support required can vary as well, depending on the client’s resources.

· There are operators with a smaller size single aircraft operation that may have personnel who have never been involved with a large aircraft interior completion and require a full time completion manager. The completion manager acts on behalf of the client during the completion center selection, contractual negotiations, specification development, design reviews, modification, interior installation, testing and acceptance.

· There are operators with multiple aircraft who have personnel consisting of  flight operations and maintenance management, engineers, quality assurance, cabin services and other personnel that may not be familiar with the uniqueness of a non-commercial interior configuration but know the operational, avionics/electrical, mechanical system and structural aspects.

· There are operators who are in the final phase of the completion and need the assistance of a knowledgeable person in the acceptance of their aircraft. This is a challenging time for introducing an individual into this phase but we have been in this situation several of times before.


In any case, we will fit into any scenario and serve our client’s best interest with the goal of gaining their trust and confidence.

We can be there when your aircraft arrives at the aircraft completion center.  We are very familiar with the aircraft receiving process.

From the beginning, we can monitor the progress of your aircraft completion. We will be your eyes and ears, communicate with you so that you are cognizant of the completion progress and most of all, that your expectations are fulfilled.

We monitor the completion centers fit check process and make sure that any issues are identified as soon as possible to minimize any delay due to rework.

Exterior paint requires an eye for quality and understanding the phases of the exterior paint application. We can monitor the exterior paint application process and assure that a high level of quality is achieved.

We can assist you with your aircraft in any phase of the interior completion as well as in-service and maintenance support. The most rewarding part of any program is the delivery to a satisfied client.

We have been on numerous acceptance flights. We develop a comprehensive acceptance checklist and test procedure  tailored to your specific interior configuration. This is instrumental in thoroughly inspecting the interior and functionality of the cabin systems. The discrepancies found are immediately documented on the discrepancy list that we provide to the client and completion center.

Using 3-D modeling software, we help realize solutions to configuration issues to present to the client and completion center.

We improve product design by finding solutions to design deficiencies and conveying them by generating supplemental specifications and drawings for the completion center or their supplier to use to develop the product improvement.

We provide full design packages by working with a client’s description or a designer’s renderings and developing the floor plans and elevation drawings required to properly define the interior configuration.


In the beginning, there are many items that are required in the development of an interior completion program.

· We assist clients in the pre-contractual phase where the configuration of the interior, specifications and working with selected designers are critical to properly define the requirements and identify common issues. The contract and specification are the most critical documents a client will need to develop and we have the experience to assist with these.

· We assist clients with the selection of a completion center by reviewing the proposals, physically auditing each completion center and providing a comparison matrix to determine the best choice.

The key to a successful completion is identifying issues as early as possible. Using detailed inspection checklists, we can assure that every item, every function of your interior is thoroughly checked and discrepancies are immediately documented on a list that we maintain throughout the program.

We can provide interior engineering drawings and obtain FAA approval.

We have provided several FAA approved repairs for aircraft structures.